Manufacturing of Yanagita


Yanagita Iron Works Co., Ltd. is a production equipment design and manufacturing company of Ota City, Gunma Prefecture.




We are in the business of automotive hemming equipment, Jig equipment, various kinds of labor-saving device design and manufacture.


We carried out the provision of rapid and stable product, and aim to continue to develop as an international engineering company.


Our business is hemming line and automatic welding assembly line utilizing a robot.

We will do to the installation from design.

We have an advanced know-how to those of a consistent system construction



Other achievements

Lithium-ion battery manufacturing equipment

Thin film manufacturing equipment

Film circular cutter production

Commercial printing machine high speed cutting machine-seater

(180 units of production results)


We are actively introducing a 3D CAD for the production and quality improvement of the design.




Manufacturing of Yanagita

Manufacturing of Yanagita

Manufacturing of Yanagita

Manufacturing of Yanagita

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