Production and development of hemming equipment

We have many years of experience in the Roller hem, table top hem, Press hem, and Rear wheel arch hem.

We have received high praise from the user.

Development of automotive welding jig apparatus

In the welding assembly line, we are promoting the full automation of the spot welding and arc welding.

Guarantee a high quality to perform 3D design, off-line teaching and FEM analysis

Development of various kinds of labor-saving devices

To take advantage of the robot, by cooperation with the transport device between the process, we have to complete the automatic production system.

Development of general industrial machinery

・Lithium-ion battery manufacturing equipment

・Thin film manufacturing equipment

・Film circular cutter production

・Commercial printing machine high speed cutting machine-seater(180 units of production results)




Commitment Yanagida Iron Works

1, In the customer's point of view, concept, design, manufacture, installation.

2, One-stop service for manufacturing.

3, Accumulation of know-how.


We offer a high quality and low cost of the equipment to the speedy and 3 commitment of manufacturing.


1、Initiative, design, production and Installation of the equipment with your position

We carried out thorough prior confirmation by the 3D CAD simulation and offline teaching in the design of the device.

It is connected to the smooth launch of after installation.

2、 One-stop system for manufacturing


We will do in our in-house from design to manufacture, and we will set up.

We perform each step and provides a high-quality short delivery time.



One-stop service for manufacturing


【1】Previous arrangement

We cherish the previous arrangement with customers in order to produce.

It is possible to manufacture the device for people who want to use, and makes the customer and our profit.


【2】Concept / Proposal

We propose the best concept using our know-how for the production of device to satisfy the customer.



We has been designed to lead to the shortening of the process by using 3D / CAD, the robot simulation and strength analysis simulation.



The processing of casting and special parts is using the machine tool owned by the Company.

And, they are manufactured in our advanced technology.



We make a three-dimensional measurement of the machining product with FARO and layout machine, and we are working to high



【6】Commissioning at the factory

We manufacture the short-term by using the off-line program.

We confirm with customers after the operation check in our factory.

Customers confirmation will continue to increase our level.


3、Accumulation of know-how.

We accumulate as share know-how in-house problems that occurred in each of the steps.

And to prevent trouble of recurrence, and short delivery time and high precision completion.